Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions of WORKnPLAY


By accessing and using the site or WORKnPLAY and WORKnPLAY mobile application, then you have received, understand, agree and agree to bind, submit and obey and comply with all of the contents in the Terms and Conditions set out in the service of this site. These terms and conditions can be changed and / or updated and / or modified from time to time by WORKnPLAY without prior notice. If a guest or a registered user or a property agent or the seller / lessor do not agree on these terms and conditions, WORKnPLAY urge and advise not to continue accessing and using the sites. is a property sites which links property agents and / or the seller to the buyer or lessor to the lessee. Where WORKnPLAY property has no legal relationship or do not employ the property agent and / or the seller or the registered users. WORKnPLAY is not a broker and / or property agent, but is only a website and mobile application that provides indoor facilities in order to bring together buyers and sellers or lessors with tenant properties.


The registered users and / or guests agreed and coincided that WORKnPLAY has the exclusive right to amend and / or terminate the website and its services or delete the data registered users temporarily or permanently / permanently without notice and without the need for prior consent of the registered users and WORKnPLAY has no obligation of any kind to a registered user exclusive rights to the treatment. WORKnPLAY holds no responsibility or liability for the deletion of data, inaccurate data and / or error data provision and / or information submitted to WORKnPLAY.


In order to use the site facilities and mobile application’s full services, the user is required to register or enlist as a registered user and to be at least 17 (seventeen) years or more and has the duty to provide data and / or information correctly, accurate, and complete where users when registering, deemed to have agreed and accept the Terms and Conditions that apply to this site.


The registered users who have filled and displayed the data or information regarding the sale and / or rental of a property in the website and app WORKnPLAY hereby agree and coincide that WORKnPLAY reserves the right to display, use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish and disseminate data or information on the property either in part or in whole, continuously or temporarily during the listing is still active on WORKnPLAY mobile application, without the obligation to provide any royalties in the form of data or information given to WORKnPLAY.


Registered users are obliged to keep the data and / or his personal information properly and correctly and to avoid all forms of crime such as including but not limited to theft, forgery, misuse of information by a party or other person who is not authorized. Registered users, property agent or seller, a website and / or the purchaser or lessee hereby declares already know, understand and agree to hold harmless and / or release WORKnPLAY along with directors, employees, owners, administrators and moderators from any form of accountability legal or lawsuits, both civil and criminal based on the legal provisions in force in the Republic of Indonesia to the things that happened, including but not limited to:
  1. Loss and / or fraud and / or abuse of data / personal information of registered users.
  2. Loss of earnings and / or revenue and / or profit business or a business that had been expected.
  3. Fraud and embezzlement and / or actions of other violations of law that are banned under the legislation in force in the Republic of Indonesia.
Therefore, WORKnPLAY cannot be liable for any statements, mistakes, inaccuracies or lack of data or information on any content, advertising, information provided by registered user, property agent, guest or other parties who have access and use the site and the mobile application of WORKnPLAY. Registered users, property agent or seller, a website and / or the purchaser or lessee must not do things as follows:
  1. Pollute and / or damage the reputation of a person, threatening, harassing and / or insulting the name and dignity of the parties or others.
  2. Publish the statement that contains S.A.R.A (tribe, religion, race and class).
  3. Publishing or published material or ads that violate intellectual property rights (copyright, trademark, patent or intellectual property rights of others) belong to parties or others.
  4. Provide advice to the parties or any other person to commit violations of applicable law.
  5. Intentionally or unintentionally violate laws and regulations enforce in the Republic of Indonesia.


This Privacy Policy applies to websites and mobile application of WORKnPLAY where WORKnPLAY respect privacy and trust of each registered user, property agent or seller, website guest and / or the buyer or tenant property which WORKnPLAY will act cautiously and wisely manage and disclose data or information obtained by WORKnPLAY. This privacy policy applies to all information about the registered user and / or a property agent or the seller or lessor who have registered on the site and mobile application of WORKnPLAY where WORKnPLAY will still maintain the confidentiality of the data or information obtained by WORKnPLAY and will only disclose data or information of the registered user and / or a property agent or the seller or lessor to a third party if WORKnPLAY has been required by laws or regulations applicable law or by a court decision that is authorized to provide and / or reveal data or information needed.
We may use email, name, phone number, and your account password to verify your ownership of an account, to communicate with you in connection with your order and to provide you with information regarding the application. We also may use your name, email, and phone number for sending messages, updating the general nature of the application, special offers or promotions. We'll also send email to you asking you to subscribe to our Mailing List. You can at any time choose not to receive information about this renewal.
We may use your Personal Information in the form of anonymous and overall to closely monitor which features of the services most frequently used, to analyze usage patterns and to determine whether we will offer or focus on our Service. You hereby agree that your data will be used by our internal data processing to provide better service to you.
We do not guarantee the security of our database, and we also do not guarantee that the data you provide will not be arrested / distracted while being transmitted to us. Each shipment of information by you to us is at your own risk. You should never disclose your password to anyone. No matter how effective a technology is, no security system is impenetrable.

VII. LINK TO OTHER WEBSITES. sites and mobile application can provide links to third party websites (External Link) where WORKnPLAY hold no responsibility for the content, data or information, advertising / promotion, information, statements, actions, events or agreements and losses incurred as a result of transactions or access and use of such third party site links. Therefore, the registered user, the property agent or seller, a website and / or the purchaser or lessee agrees to hold and / or release WORKnPLAY along with directors, employees, owners, administrators and moderators of any loss and / or loss either directly or indirectly and against any claim or claims / lawsuits arising both civil and criminal, the costs of litigation, the burden of interest, penalties and other costs incurred as a result of doing access and use the link sites belonging to third parties.


Trademarks of WORKnPLAY graphic, logo, design, text, source code and software of WORKnPLAY is a trademark that has been registered in accordance with legal provisions in force in the Republic of Indonesia. WORKnPLAY use of trademarks by third parties should be submitted and approved in writing in advance of WORKnPLAY. The use of WORKnPLAY trademarks without permission is prohibited. WORKnPLAY will fight for intellectual property rights in accordance with what has been regulated by law, including to file a claim or lawsuit either criminal or civil.


  1. Photo(s) uploaded is the photo(s) of a property, with at least 1 (one) good image quality, clear and not broken or blurred.
  2. Photo(s) uploaded is the actual photo(s) of the property, which is being offered or marketed or sold or leased. It is allowed to upload photos of the building and / or displays the existing buildings in the vicinity. With the requirement that a registered user or a property agent or the seller shall provide information listing / parts which are sold in the property description.
  3. 3 Dimensional (3D) photos, photographs of buildings that have not been completed or are still under renovation, is allowed to be uploaded including an explanation or information that the listing is a secondary listing.
  4. The price listed is the price that is realistic or reasonable and must not include the number 0 (zero).
  5. It is not allowed to upload multiple listings (more than one listing) for the same property. If a registered user or seller's agent or the property you want to upload the listing for the same property, registered users or the property agent or seller shall delete the previous listing for the same property. WORKnPLAY have the right to remove listings that are duplicating listing. WORKnPLAY reserves the right to take necessary measures, including but not limited to a freeze of membership for registered users or a property agent or seller who has repeatedly duplicating listing.
  6. Listing of the same property but have been listed in different areas is not allowed. Examples: property details, price, and photos uploaded at the same but different areas.
  7. Listing whose status is Active can be edited for its property details by utilizing the “Edit” button in the Listing Menu.
  8. WORKnPLAY does not curate a listing but reserves the right to blacklist the property if it is not in accordance with the Terms and Conditions listed in WORKnPLAY listing installation.
  9. Listing of registered user or a property agent or seller will be active by the start date and end date filled in when making the listing.
  10. Transfer of listing of the registered user (username) to other registered users (username) is not allowed.
  11. It is not allowed to include text and / or photos that contain elements of S.A.R.A (tribe, religion, race and class), pornographic or other content potentially controversial or legal issues.
  12. Listing that has expired its live date will automatically be moved to “History” from “Active” column in the WORKnPLAY application.
  13. The current listing price is Free, but may be changed and / or updated and / or modified from time to time by WORKnPLAY without prior notice.


We use email to notify news as well as the latest promo for all members of WORKnPLAY. If you prefer not to receive emails from us, you can click the “unsubscribe” and automatically you will not receive any more information from WORKnPLAY.


Terms and Conditions of the site and mobile application is subject to and governed and interpreted according to the legal provisions in force in the Republic of Indonesia and the registered users, the property agent, the seller and / or tenants and guests agreed site and agree to abide and be bound to the legal jurisdiction of the Republic of Indonesia. WORKnPLAY will not be responsible for the content of all listings in the publication.